Nasavrky lies on the northeast foothill of the Iron mountains (Zelezne hory) in the right centre of the Chrudim district. About the year of 1600 Vaclav from Hustirany let an unsatisfactory fortress pull down and build a new two-storey chateau with two turrets decorated instead of it. Because of its height and the location on the uncovered hill it is a dominant of the whole region. Nowadays there is an exhibition space inside. A ceremonial hall set downstairs is decorated by a great statue by the famous Czech sculptor Olbram Zoubek.

The church of St. Jilji has been built at the end of 13th century and lately renewed into Baroque style in the beginning of 18th century. At the beginning of 20th century Nasavrky become a significant centre of the north part of the Iron mountains (Zelezne hory) and the residency of the county marshal. About three kilometres from Nasavrky the scientists have uncovered remains of the first settlement of “municipal type”- so-called Oppidum, where Celtic culture and farming was on high level at the turn of first and second century B.C. The position of Nasavrky near well-known recreation centres- Horni Bradlo, Sec and Krizanovice would facilitate the enlargement of local recreation.

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